Halo: Monday, September 6, 2010

Halo, posting saia kacau semua disini.

Penuh angst.

Lain kali kalau sempat akan saia revise dari awal lagi.

Mungkin akan saia jadikan sarana tempat posting art saia (maybe).

Tidak, ini bukan karena saia sudah tobat, saia lagi depresi sekarang. Tapi percuma saja menumpahkannya ke blog. Dan my feelings are kinda private right now.

Mungkin saia akan pindah ke LJ. Sudah punya akun dari dulu tapi tidak pernah saia urus (karena malas).

Nuff said.

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Typography.: Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm absolutely irrevocably undeniably in love with typography.

updates later.



ditto ditto: Monday, May 17, 2010

pure awesomeness.

Good bye good bye my princess
I'll send you on the wings that fly high in the sky
Good bye good bye my princess
Did you keep a long time, but I remember the good bye

Goodbye My Princess - Monday Kiz

Goodbye My Princess - Monday Kiz

Prosecutor Princess [Epicness]

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I need a superhero.: Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I need a superhero cause I am just a girl
And I have no one who will go
And save me from this world
Come to me you superhero
Cause I am just a girl

The Pretty Reckless - Superhero

Superhero - The Pretty Reckless

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The sun has abandoned me.: Monday, May 3, 2010

I leave the comfort zone of my house carrying my bag in both hands
Every morning I walk this lonely road

The sun has abandoned me and my presence grows dim
No one notices but my heart is crying

Angela Aki-Kagayaku Hito

輝く人 -アンジェラ・アキ

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what a day.: Wednesday, April 28, 2010

---beep beep beep---

content of this entry is officially moved because the author thinks it's amazingly immature and embarassing. Isn't it fantafuckingly fabulous?

So now you know. And you know how the author hates sweet things. Eww, dude.

Entry ended. Erased totally. Will never ever post something liek this again. Blergh. Stupid old me.

And anw. I'm sixteen... whopeee! Now I can actually legally watch some R-rated movies. or comics. Anyway, you know what it is.


---beep beep be-BOOM!---


birthdays.: Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I hate birthdays.

It's as simple as that.

It's not because I hate of getting older. It's just because I simply hate birthdays. Such trivial, unnecessary thing. You'll get mad if someone forgets, or you'll be overwhelmed by hundreds of congratulations.

I hate doing that. I'm just too lazy. I hate forcing to be happy on my own birthdays. I hate forcing myself to smile when in fact, I am not.

Birthday, is simply a day where you must always smile-when people congratulate you. It's not because I do not appreciate them. I do appreciate them, a lot. It's just that I don't like pretending I'm happy. It's not that I'm unhappy because of them-it's simply because birthdays have always been a day where I'm not in a good mood.

Some people are getting overly excited when it's their birthday, and keeps giving hints that it IS their birthday. No offense, it's super annoying. What's the big deal? Sure, it's your birthday. But millions of other people are also experiencing that also. Besides, what would you expect them to do when they know it's your birthday? Treat you like a queen?

Face it guys, girls, whatever you are; miracles don't always happen on your birthday. People simply doesn't act all nicey when it's your birthday. Yes, it's special for you. But IS IT for others?

My advice is, don't expect much on your birthday. Stay calm, act nothing is going to happen, and surprise surprise, you'll get more than what you've expected. Who knows will it be bad, or good?

That is, my dear, for you and me to find out.


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