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GUILDENSTERN Dreams indeed are ambition.
For the very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream.
William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

Here, I welcome you to my blog site. You can just call me Natsuki, Nats, Nuts, Mist.Arisu, or even Nutsy :)
Well, I'm just an ordinary-typical junior high school girl. I'm an Indonesian, to be exact, I live in Bali. No, I'm not Balinese. I have mixed blood from all over Indonesia. So you can just say I'm an Indonesian. Not Balinese, Sundanese, Sumatranese, or Betawinese *FYI, these are some races in Indonesia*.
Yep, that's the exact date when I was born into this world, this cutie me *got kicked on the head*. So, until this posting I'm approximately fourteen years, six months, and twelve days old.
I love, pawn anime and manga<3
What type?

Well if you
ask me, I LOVE any type! XDXDXD Especially, they have to be special, unique, out-of-the ordinary, and fabulous!
I HATE characters that are weak, clingy, always say 'NO, I CAN'T', especially the girls. I mean, that's just SUCKS. FUCK with it. I don't know why, I just want to slap them on the face whenever I see them, even though I know it's impossible, because they're just fictional. But it really ruins my mood :( I mean, they even not trying, and do not see how they make everyone around them get a lot of problems. Whenever I see girl like that in an anime or manga, I STOP instantly reading it. And I WOULD never ever read it again, except if the plot/one of the character is too good for me to miss XD, ROFL. If you just wanna talk about it, feel free to add me up :3. I love another books too, such as novels. I also love movies, cartoons *western cartoons*, music *especially J-pop*. If I think it all over again, I just LOVE everything! XD FYI, I'm NOT gonna post all about anime and manga such in here. I'll mix it up, because hey, I have a lot to tell besides anime and manga :).
So, it's just based on my mood.
Basically, I'm a really moody and temperamental person. Yeah, I know that sucks.
But, hey :3 I have nice sides too *gets kicked on the head*

So guys, comments are really-really appreciated :3

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