Hha *ditimpuk*: Monday, December 1, 2008

MACBETH I am afraid to think what I have done;
Look on't again I dare not.
LADY MACBETH Infirm of purpose!
Give me the daggers. The sleeping and the dead
Are but as pictures; 'tis the eye of childhood
That fears a painted devil. If he do bleed
I'll gild the faces of the grooms withal;
For it must seem their guilt.

William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)
English poet and playwright.
Yeah, I know tomorrow will be the first day of the FINAL EXAM. *kicks on the head* I CAN'T STUDY AT ALL! I CAN'T CONCENTRATE! *cries* DANG. SHIT. FUCK.

Well ==" argh. just let it be. I'll just study later on this night :P. I hope I CAN study :((. This is really a bad day for me. A heck hell of a day. I just remembered a while ago, I have a course at some place. And the teacher was really err... crazy? over confident?

the teacher: (he spoke in indonesian of course.) Hey, do you guys now a song by Project Pop that has the shaking-shaking? (Project Pop is a singing group with funny songs)
me: Huh?
the teacher: yeah, the one who... *starts singing dangdut* (and HELL. his singing was like HELL. And FYI, Project Pop does not sing dangdut AT ALL.)
me and my bff: HUH? What the?
me: You mean dangdut is my country?
the teacher: nooo! you know *starts singing again*
me: whatever.

in the middle of the lesson, he started telling his own past. Yeah, I mean it's fine. But it's in the middle of the lesson, HELLO? His sound was very high. I mean VERY high. Do you know AKON? yeah. he was the exact opposite of him. And do you know what's worse? HE THOUGHT HIS SINGING IS GREAT! Fuck. He sang some freaking songs that I do not even know. Or maybe even he made it himself up. If his voice was great, yeah it was fine. but his singing wass only like a sound that could crash my eardrums. Thank GOD he stopped it.

Anyways, I HATE FREAKING TEST! @#$@$%!

Talking about studying, now when I study, instead of having those lessons inside my head I start to daydream. I don't know why but now this has become a habit. Not only that, I often fall asleep when I start to read my book lessons.So yeah, I was remembering my past events when I was talking with my friends today, and I remembered I missed my brother in Jakarta. I kicked, I slapped, I shouted, I MADE him being accused guilty by my mom even though I'M THE ONE who was at fault. LOL. Yeah, even though I hate him so much, and I want to take my revenge one him, BWAHAHAHAHA! But I do miss and I do love one thing only at him. I can make him look guilty instead of me =)). Yeah as for example, I did this a few months ago. I used way too much quota and passed my bandwidth. My mom went angry at me, and coincidentally he was in here and COINCIDENTALLY he used the internet too.

mom: Why did you pass the limit again? Do you know how much I have to pay? *glares at me*
me: err, noo?
mom: WHAT? How could you say that?
*my brother passes and looked at me and smirked*
*I felt offended even though it's my own fault*
mom: *glares angrily and instantly at my brother* YOU!
brother: *opens the mouth wide up, confused* HUH?
mom: Don't use your sisters internet again!
brother: WHAT? *shocked*
me: *evil smirks*
brother: *stares at me, then back to my mother* But but but, I only used it once!
me: Yes you did. But you used it so much even though it was just once!
brother: no!
mother: just don't use it anymore!
me: *runs away*
brother: @#$%!

and the next day he chased me all over the house and kicked me. Of course, I fought well :P.

PS: Today I read a book entitled KAMBINGJANTAN. It's a blog that is published into book based on reality life. And it was really funny and I laughed out loud! LOL =))
Moral value: I laughed till my stomach hurts so much, and I DID NOT study at all. Thanks DICKa :P. Btw, I say assignments almost the same way you did, lol. I didn't know that you call assignments ass. I call it assies, lol.

Oh, and for you my honey :),

Wish me luck on my studies and exams :)

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