Insanity, loves it :3: Monday, December 22, 2008

Lol, a few days ago I was reading Sarah's book entitled BABI NGESOT *I always mistaken it by calling it BABI NGEPET, lol. FYI: babi ngepet means werepig, and babi ngesot means a pig without its legs*
Well, I was reading it happily, when suddenly there was a grumbling sound. I looked my left, no one I looked my right, my friend was just playing cards and reading comics.
WTF? Who's the hell making that sound?
I looked down, err it turned out to be my stomach. Yup, I think I was too hungry because that morning I did not eat anything. I looked around, and I saw Sarah, Annie, Karina, Dea was talking in a corner, so I walked onto them.
I cannot read because I'm too hungry... I thought to myself
"Sar, aku nggak bisa laper soalnya aku laper." I said to Sarah which means "Hey Sarah, I cannot go hungry because I'm hungry."
Sarah opened her mouth out wide, confused "Huh?"
And I did the exact same thing as Sarah did "Huh?"
"What did you say?" she said, and the she laughed out loud
"What's wrong with you Putri? hahaha!" Annie laughed too
I grinned, and laughed with them.
"Dunno. I was intending to say 'I cannot read the book because I'm hungry.' But why I said that?" I laughed again.

So that concludes that I was crazy, insane for that day.

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