School: What A HELL.: Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ARGH. I'm just so tired with all of these activities from school! Can you imagine I have to go home almost every day at 5 PM? And what's worse, they give you a lot of tests. And yes, by I mean a lot, is A LOT. Two to three tests every month, and it has to be extremely good, or you'll have to do a remedial. What makes me more tiring, after those crazy school, I have to go for courses.
Well. That's hell for me. For just a 9th grader.
What makes me even sadder, this 9th grade, I know I'll not be in the same way as my other friends :((
I just couldn't imagine my world without them :(( It has been almost three years now. And all of them just seems to be my real best friend :((
I also really do not want to separate ways with my bf :((
Argh. It's so depressing.
Well, there was a lot of funny things happened lately, but I just can't put it all into here.
Tomorrow I'll have intensive tests. Yes, ANOTHER test *cries*
Anyways, me and my best friends are becoming crazier and CRAZIER by day =))
I just LOVE all of them! XD
And I especially do love you honey :-*

Well, I just wrote this to lighten up my mood ;)
And it worked! :) I love you too, my bloggie :D

Special thanks to:
D&D, you guys made my day ;)

PS: Dina-tunggu kelanjutan coretan indahku! HYAH! *ambil spidol 3*
Winwin-psst, jangan sampe ketauan pak tompi lagi yyu =))

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