...: Saturday, March 7, 2009

Well you see, my friends seems to have read my posting before about how those anime and a certain person.

I'm just going to make things clear. Um, yeah I think maybe I'm a little bit too harsh.
But I didn't say she's an asshole or whatsoever. I've stated first that the title was just a joke.
That's why I said in my posting before 'Wokeh, I think the title is a little bit too harsh, lol.'.

Well what I was doing was just simply telling her. Make her realize what she's been doing is wrong.
I'm not really furious or whatsoever, yes, I admit it I was angry. But If she apologize, of course I would forgive her.

And no, I'm not posting these because someone told me to. I just felt a little bit guilty posting in on my blog. But what else I could do?
If I tell her directly I bet she's going to be mad at me.
And now she's even mad when I posted this.

She was like not even talking to me. And I was like 'huh?'.
Well I see. I don't want to take any things further. And I just don't like it.

If somebody wants to protests, then do so. But please give me fairly good reason why you do that. Otherwise, I wouldn't accept it without any logical and fair explanation.

Well I asked one of my friend today, and told him what had happened.
He said that it was natural for me to be mad at her. And he said that he would've been angry too if that happened to him.
And thanks to him now I felt a little bit relaxed. Because I'm afraid, I'm afraid to go mad wrongly.
And yes, by wrongly I mean that I'm afraid that I should not be mad at her because what she did was natural thing to do.

Well I'm still in bad mood now. So I'm going to warn you first. I might get irritated really fast, so please forgive me if I go mad without any logical reasons.
I was a bit annoyed too at school today.
Well, I just hate this week. I hate this year. Ugh.

I'm hungry... and I must study for tomorrow, wish me luck guys!
And please do give comments ;)

Oh and yeah, after this I think I'm going to post some bulbos again :D
I'm in a mood for it lately.

Have a nice day guys.

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