Great Websites: Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Okay, I'll post out my list of great websites for me :D
There are tons of them, so I hope it's useful for you guys~

+ Celestial-Star
A website of designs, where 90% full of animes and mangas. There are lots of useful tutorials both for photoshop and paint pro. There are some good quality renders too.

+ Cyber12
A website where we can download fansubbed anime for free. Very useful, and there's the low quality too.

+ Getfansub
Same as Cyber12, but it has bigger database and all of it are in High Quality Videos.

+ OneManga
A website where you can read online mangas for free. Very fast loading.

+ MangaFox
A website the same as onemanga, but it has bigger database, with almost all manga in the web available there. But I prefer Onemanga if Onemanga has one of the mangas I want to read, because of it's too much mangas, the loads are a bit slow.

+ Nihonomaru
A very useful website for animes/mangas/games from Japan. It has very complete search and things. Register to the forum to get a lot more access.

+ APTX 4869
An Indonesian forum of Detective Conan or Case Closed. Very complete explanation and provides us with bilingual language, both English and Indonesian.
They also provide us with links to download the latest manga scanlation.
The forum is in Indonesian and it's a very great community and very entertaining.
Join if you are an Indonesian and love animes/mangas! You don't have to be a Detective Conan lover to join this forum, because I'm not a fan of Detective Conan, lol =))

+ Le Monde Mystique Role Play Forum
Well, it's my forum, lol. It's a Role Play forum, and it's fun. Go to the links to see more information

+ Blog Skins
A great website where we could get blog skins for free without registering.

+ Indowebster
A very good downloading site for Indonesian citizen (e.g live in Indonesia).
Because it has a very fast download speed for Indonesia area only.
Any kinds of animes/mangas/games/songs/movies are available here.

+ Game Faqs
Good resources and guides or even cheats for any game consoles you are playing.

+ Tribal Wars
A great multi-massive online gaming browser based. Head on for details. It is very good :). If one of you plays this, please do tell me :D
I'm in server 30 K83 and my nick is natsuki33.

+ Downloads
Website for downloading legal software.

+ Photobucket
Website for hosting images.

+ Deviantart
Very great community for arts and designing. Tons of tutorials and great images.

+ Youtube
Website for online videos.

Well I think that's all for now :D
I'm too lazy to add more, lol. Can you see, the descriptions get littler and littler? lol. Sorry but I'm just too lazy to write more :D
I'll update if I remember others~

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