Bored: Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm really bored lately these days, even though there are a lot of entertainment I can do, but I just seem so bored with it. Mangas, tons of Animes that I haven't watch yet. I just seem cannot be entertained at all.

Whew. I don't know what have happened to me =A=
Well, maybe I'll try to make a blog skin. But I dunno, maybe I won't, lol.
Some parts of me want to, but some of them do not. It's just the same lately. I really dunno what to do. I can't sleep, and I just feel so... well I don't know what to say =A=

I just feel like I want to do something, but everything I could do are unsatisfying for me.

Ugh. I'm such a lazy ass.
I'm such a greedy girl.

If there are any suggestions, please do tell me ;)
Oh, and anyone, please just ask me to do something I can do DX It might help me to have an activity at least.

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