Cool X3: Sunday, March 15, 2009


That was the only thing I could say when I read Reborn! 233.

Well, I don't really want the bike because I know I wont be suited to ride it. But just by seeing it, it was really astonishing for me.
It was seen at the end of chapter 232 too, but this one is a lot clearer I think.

And then Tsuna's box animal was so great! X3
Agh, it is really cool stuff!
But I guess because it is too great, it is in berserk mode, and I think Tsuna somehow need to tame it.
And if he manages to, which I doubt he wouldn't manage, he'll be stronger than before.
Just can't wait for the next chapter! X3 It's getting intense~

Well the next thing I did after reading this was watching Soul Eater's anime.
It was SUPERB. Really epic. Hilarious XD
=____= man, they are so crazy but cool <3
I really love SOUL not wearing bandanna, just wearing small hair holder *I'm sorry but I don't know what's the English for bando DX*

Look how hot he is! X3 *nosebleeds*

Well, I'm done watching Soul Eater now, I only watch it until episode 31 and don't want to continue for now, maybe tomorrow because I'm not in the mood to watch it anymore XD and besides, my internet IS REALLY SLOW now. Damn Speedy.

I'm downloading Neo Angelique Abyss right now, and it's sooo great.
Do you know why?
SO MANY BISHIES! XD LOL <3 Can't help it. Bishies is my biggest weak point, rofl. I think the studio who made La Corda d'Oro is the same as this one, because the style is really similar. But I love this main female character more than Hino, though. Dunno why. She's not really annoying for me. At least for now. But I'll keep watching on and see.

see how many hot guys are there? XD
I'm going to have a lot of nose bleed~ Hot guys, here I come~!

Oh and btw, good news for La Corda Fans, they're making season 2, and it's airing around the end of this month.
So stay tune! X3
Can't wait to watch it~

Okay, paradise, here I comeee~ *runs for bishies*

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