Gah,: Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not in the mood for EVERYTHING.
That's why I haven't done any blogging lately. =3=
I don't have the mood for FB, mafia wars, tribal wars, or whatsoever.

I think I just need a calm calm time =___=;
I want to just doze off. I feel like my shoulder is REALLY heavy.

AH FUCK. I downloaded a game called CLANNAD.

And it was REALLY big size. And so they split it into 19 parts. Each parts is only 90mb or so size =___=
Well, it doesn't really matter to me.
What matters me the most is THE TIME.
gah. SHIT. Why the heck all of the people have to upload it to Megaupload?
Megaupload sucks man. =___=
I only get 10kbps max, so I HAVE TO WAIT for 4 HOURS each file.
Uh, so 19x4 hours. How much time is that? =___=
gah =3=
And the FUCKEST thing ever is after I downloaded them all and extracted it.
7zip (the one I used to extract) said 'ERROR FILE IS MISSING'
And I was like "WHAT THE FUCKIN ???"
URGH. Damn damn damn.

My butt and my back is hurting DX
I wonder if this is the result of too much sitting and netting =___=;
Gosh. I never get tired of internet except once, and that's just for three days =__=;
But still, even when I was bored of the internet, I kept being online =__=

mumu =3=
I love to say that lately <3

Anyway, I'm re-reading to-rabu-ru now. I used to read it, but just for a few chapters.

wokeh. I'm gonna back to go reading again X3
Hope my dizziness will decrease by time =___=;

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