IT'S HOLEEEHDAAAAY!: Sunday, March 15, 2009

I understand now where does the word holiday comes from.
Well, this is just my thinking. I don't know if this is really right or not. So, don't really believe it, LOL.

Holiday comes from Holy and Day. YEAH! Holiday is A HOLY DAY FOR US!
We worship holidays!


Okayh, *coughcough*
Don't mind my craziness and I'm so absurd, LOL

Well in fact if you think it throughout into this, it started with religious holidays, that's why they say it's a holy day. So, from that expand into what we call paradise for us students, and for those workers.

Anyways, I JUST LOVE holidays!

This morning I watched 6 episodes of Gundam OO the 2nd season from approximately episode 17 until 22. All this time I just downloaded it first and didn't watch it yet because I wasn't in the mood for it and I was feeling so down. And with those complex complicated and REALLY sad moments in Gundam OO, of course I could not watch it.
I mean, come on. I would be depressed even more.
Well, I decided to watch it today because I didn't really have anything to do. So I was REALLY bored. I got quite some mood to watch a few episodes of maybe light or heavy animes. But I wasn't in the mood for reading. Nah-uh.
So I watched it. And did you know what happen? I cried.
Yesh, I CRIED. Damn.

I never ever cry when I watch animes. I mean come on.
But I used to.
Well, the parts were really saddening for me.
Where there are lovers who love each other and they have to fight each other or else.
The man is Neil Dylandy, and the woman is an innovator called Anew Returner.
They are in the opposite sides, they are opposing each other.
In the end, the woman died, in the hand of Setsuna, my favorite character :((
But he was so cool.
Damn. I fell for him more X3
The moment that made me cry was the moment before Anew died. She is like connecting with Lyle and says "I am glad that I am an innovator. Because of I am an innovator, I am glad I could meet you, Lyle."
Ah it made me cry :((

anyways, here's some screencaps of the moment.

And then in episode 21, it WAS SO COOL X3
SETSUNA IS HOT! Damn. I wanna have him X3 <3

*izh crazy*
Okay, I'll go and hunt some bishies more! <3 X3

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