A Poem: Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Well I'm in deep deep despair now. A bottomless pit of despair.
Whew. Just made out this poem yesterday, I posted it in APTX4869 Forum too.

Everything is black.
Without any reason I just keep on walking on and on.
Where is the light?
I cannot see anything nor can I foresee
I cannot feel anything
All of it
I cannot see anything
the sun
the moon
the day
the night
Where am I?
How long should I walk?
Am I even alive?

A dot.
A dot that is becoming a spark
A spark of light
My mouth curves up
Yes, my desires that's too strong
Searching for what we call salvation

So I walk on and on
And that light just seems bigger and bigger

And everything just goes back
I'm back again.
At the long black and deep tunnel
Where I cannot feel,
nor see.

Oh thou darkness
Where is my light?


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