Some New Things: Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good news, I think.


Well I went to EF this afternoon. And after that I asked my mom to go to the department store, because I wanted a new sandals. My old sandals condition is quite terrible. Well, it's still usable, but the skin's torn apart and the color is now very dirty, even if I wash it.

I bought 2 pairs of sandals :) one with the slippers type and one with strings.

This is the slippers type. It's color is pale purple.
At first they did not put in on the display. And of course I did not know >///<
But then I chose the gray one, and I wanted a new one. Not the one in the display because I know it has been used by a lot of people and the size would get bigger.
So I asked for a new one, but none of them were in stock >///<
I was disappointing for me and I just said "Oh well.. that's okay..."
But thank God! I love my mom, lol XD she asked her whether if there is other colors that have the new ones in stock.
And the saleswoman opened the box, and I said it out loud spontaneously
"Oh PURPLE!" lol
I couldn't help it because I love purple very bery much XD
So I was happy and feel so luck :) Thank you, mommy X3

This one, :) for me it gives me the feel of 'elegant but cute'
It's like it is really for a lady. :D
The color is again, pale green. I don't know why but I just love pale colors lately :D

After those feet shopping, we went to the bookstore. Well, actually this was my hidden plan to ask my mother to go to the department store. Huahuahua *evil laughs*

I bought 3 (yesh, three) novels and 1 comic book.

I know >///< these books are quite outdated, but I just couldn't help it!
I haven't bought any 'real' books for a few months now. I just read those at the internet. So, once it a while I want to read real books too DX

Well, I'm very very interested in the Stardust novel :D
I think it's great based on the description, but I dunno. Hope so *cross fingers*
The cover is so nice and sweet :) And I bet Dewinta (my best best friend) would love it very much even when she does not know what this book is this, lol.
Do you know why? Yesh. It's because of the title.
lol, the title says it all : Stardust.
And she is unconditionally very very in love with all things connected to stars.
Well, when I finish it, I will of course borrow this book to her :D
I'm going to tell her tomorrow~

=__= oh yeah. I just remembered, there's ANOTHER, yesh ANOTHER test coming this Friday till Saturday. rawr.
argh. I'm dead meat =__=;

Well At least just this one day I'll have fun and go read all I want until midnight!
even when tomorrow there's school
duh, forget about school, lol =))

I'm going to read now~
Au revoir!

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