Some People Are Just Assholes.: Friday, March 6, 2009

Huh. Wokeh. I think the title is a little bit too harsh, lol.

I'm just VERY stressed out. My stomach hurts, my head is dizzy. And in two more days I have to take the ACS test. And I'm so very not ready for it.
Heh. I want to scream all over again.

You know, someone has been really annoying me. Why?
Well, I gave her almost all of my collection of anime to her. And do you know what she just did?
She gave it to other people, just like that. Not even asking for my permission a little bit.
Ugh, Puhlease? At least give me some respect will ya? I know those animes are not me who translated them. But I downloaded them you know? With my internet. With MY bandwidth. With MY money.
So why not at least appreciate it a little? At least ask my permission first, or at least tell the one she gave where did she get that.
Do you know how much time I've spent downloading on those all? A LOT.

Then just don't go boasting it all to other people and giving it on FREE without even asking me.
I don't ask you to just tell them 'Hey, I got this from Natsuki and she said to tell everyone I got it from her'.
Hell no. What I'm just asking is, JUST ASK ME. At least ask my permission before just giving it to them.

What she's doing is so rude to me. Especially I WAS VERY SHOCKED when she borrowed my anime CD's and just copied it to her computer WITHOUT EVEN TELLING me.
Hey, THAT'S MY MONEY. At least ask to me first.

This is really irritating me now. Agh. I gave it for free and look what she did for me?
What? I don't care if she's mad at me. I'm the one who's supposed to be mad at her.
Look at what she's done to me?

Can you imagine for one example. You got a recipy. A very precious recipy from your grandmother. You showed it to her, and she wanted a copy. So you gave it to her, because you think of her as your very own best friend. Then she, without even telling you copied the recipy, YOUR OUTMOST PRECIOUS recipy from your dear grandmother to other people.
Fury. That's what I can tell. Of course you'll be angry.
And that goes the same for me too.

This makes me think again. People really do not know how to appreciate people, eh?
Anyways, I'm in a really badmood lately. Those exams coming on me, and I've only just studied very little, and now THIS?

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