Wow.: Sunday, March 15, 2009


Look at it.

It's 10.46 PM now.
And I'm still lurking in front of my laptop.
With my ass hurting because of too much dose of sitting.
Oh God. I'm such a lazy ass.

I've decided that I would buy some books tomorrow at the bookstore.
Let's see... I need to finish my 2 pages of -too much- reading list of any type of novels. It's even too much for me.
Let's see what I need to buy first tomorrow.
Oh wait.
The lights are dead, and my mother is sleeping soundly behind me, snoring.
Of course I can't see the list.
An idea came across my mind: Read it with my laptop screens' light.
My mind is getting crazy. I might become blind just by doing that every night.
A few nights-actually.

Now I'm stuck in front of my laptop.
With an urge to sleep but my mind won't go to sleep.
Let's just watch movies then.

That's a bad-bad idea.
Watching movies in the middle of the night, with my mother sleeping behind me?
Just max up the volume, and I'm officially a dead woman walking-or sitting at least.

It's 10.54 now,
I barely could see the numbers and writings on the keyboard.
Every time I make typos, I need to stick my eyes out more than ever just to see the writings.

I think I need to sleep now.


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