Addiction to South Korea: Friday, April 10, 2009

Yeah, I'm addicted to a lot of new music lately =3=
They seems so nice and I haven't got much to do. So, why not?
My animes I've been downloading a past few days, I haven't watch it at all =3=
I don't know, but I do not have any mood to watch animes now. :3
I fell in love with Boys Over Flower OSTs ~
They're really nice! I mean it! The songs-they're really catchy and seem to have a lot of soul into it! XD
I love all of BOF OST songs! I like Stand by Me by Shinee the most. It just keeps ringing on my mind all the time :)
Lucky is nice too, oh and 가슴이 어떻게 됐나봐 by A & T is really great! XD
I dunno what's the title in romaji, because I cannot read hangul. But anyway, it's really great! X3 I love south Korea lately :D maybe because there's a lot of hot guys there XD
Well, I still love Japan more, but I don't know, maybe some day I'll get addicted to South Korea more than Japan! lol

As you know, manhwa is the same as manga and that goes the same to manhua. They're all just the same meaning.
Manhwa is from Korea, aka Korean mangas
Manga is as you know, the famous Japanese mangas XD
Manhua is from Chinese, (either it's from Taiwan, China, etc.) by Chinese I mean Chinese Language or Mandarin language, so basically this is manga from a Chinese speaking country.

Well I'm addicted to manhwa now especially Ruby Doll.
It's very very nice! The art is amazing~ And the story is even more interesting.
Too bad though, they only scanlated it for 3 chapters and I have to wait for the next updates. I dunno when, but I just hope the updates are fast enough :( I'm dying to read more! >///<
Yeah, I can search for the raws, but still >///< I can't read hangul! Dammit =3=
I think I'll put 'learn hangul' in my second what to do list. The first one is of course, Japanese language. Kanjis are really hard!

Anw, back to musics, I downloaded some new Japanese songs they're on the top of Oricon chart
  • It's All Love! by Koda Kumi ft. Misono
  • One Room Disco by Perfume

    PS: I'm uploading all of BOF OST now~ When I'm finish I'm going to put it up all here!
    Oh and I'm downloading Epik High latest album entitled Map of the Soul
    Epik High has been one of my favorite group, they have distinct singing style and they're really nice

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