Hahaha: Saturday, April 4, 2009


I'm in a bad mood now. Well at least today is the final day of try outs! All hails that! XD lols

What has been annoying me is my mother. Damn. Why she has to act like a kid? She's just too damn annoying to me. ARGH.


Ok. Forget about that.

Now I've been dying to have this:

and this:

DXDXDX I really really want both of those DXDXDX
But if I have to choose, I'll choose the laptop of course XD

Anw, tomorrow I'll have to go to the church. Ah I'm lazy =3=
But I haven't been to church since-forever! lol
No choice then =_=;

Oh, I read some nice mangas today :) they at last-updated it, and on the same time! Whooop!
So much for the fun!
D.Gray-man, Reborn!, Bakuman, and Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama XD
Hahaha, Ryoma is sooo damn cool and hot X3 *ish nose bleeding
Bakuman is also, getting tense and more interesting each chapter!
If you don't know Bakuman, both the author and the mangaka are from the creator of Death Note. So I bet you'll like it! Though, Bakuman is slightly 'not angst' or about death and so. =__=
Well, I don't like Death Note so, why bother? ROFL
Bakuman is way better, man X3 all of stuffs are in there, tense moments, competitions, loves, comedies, challenges, etc XD
So, all I could say is 'TWO THUMBS UP!'

Well D-Gray-man for me is a bit boring, though =__=;
I want more action! Where did those cool stuffs last chapter go to? =__=;

Nevertheless, The New Prince of Tennis is so cool X3
It's fun to see Ryoma and the others are back into action! Yeah!
But too bad, the series is now in a comic magazine where it goes out MONTHLY.
Yesh, that means HOLY CRAP for only once a month dose and only about 22 pages =3=

Btw, tomorrow is the airing for the new FMA Brotherhood in Japan XDXDXD
REALLY REALLY REALLY can't wait for the fansubbed version, and I just hope tomorrow it will come out ASAP. At least it has to be fast, because I'm just DYING to watch it X3
FYI, this new FMA is the REMAKE, yes, remake of the past anime. But the differences is the plot is going to really follow the manga thoroughly. And I love it even more. Because the manga-in my opinion is a lot better than the previous anime. I did not like the previous anime's plot =__= even though a lot of people love it.
So, I just cannot wait to watch this series! XD
And what's more is I can't wait to hear more of Paku Romi's voice acting!
She's sooo great and she's like my idol? lol

Anw, I need to sleep now. I think =__=;
And I'm still mad at my mom.
And I still want that VAIO VGN-CS16G/P laptop
And that T700 Sony Cybershot Camera



Here's FMA's trailer XD there are about 7 trailers or so, but I only posted this version of the longest one, so enjoy XD.
Credits the video to random-c blog, my source of daily dose of animes


PS: I'm thinking of changing my blog skin again, yesh, again. lol. can't help my moody thingy.

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