Pink is my life!: Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Yesh, I know I love purple. But I don't know why, now I'm really really in the mood for pink! >///<

I just love it very much in the moment, lol. I love the sweet sweet natural pink :)
Maybe that's because I got influenced by a blogger. She doesn't know me, but I read her blog recently. And she loves pink, to be exact adores them! lol

Well, other factors maybe because of my new wishlist.
For the laptop and the camera, I wanted a 'cheerful but soft' color at least.
And there was none of them that suits my taste besides pink color.
So, I'm attracted to the color of pink right now, haha >///<

A change of situation for a while might be nice :)
I'll study today, I think... At least I should try to.
I'm thinking if I study hard, then my mother would want to buy me my laptop :P
Too bad though, she only approves one >///<
So disappointing man.

Well today I didn't go to school, haha.
Yesh, I visited my father's grave and we prayed there. But man, the weather is so hot.
I was like dying out there =3=
I got bad mood =__=;

Anw, I need to behave myself now because yeah, I go mad at my mom a lot =__=;
I'm such a bad kid =__=;

Oh, and the novel, Stardust I almost finish reading it. Yesh, it's quite mature for err my age because there are some explicit materials like sex inside it.
But not too much and not too vulgar though. Just some words like touching breast, goes into her, and the author did not explain anymore than that.
And that action, for as I've read so far, there is only once.
And I think It was okay, a soft one. It's a lot-lot safer that those hentais and porns out there. And there are many more adult books that are more explicit than this book.
But overall, it is quite entertaining, the imagination is great.
And it is more suitable for adults. Makes sense, because from the summary is
"This is a tale for adults"

But for me, it was really nice and fine. But maybe that's because I'm used to read adult books. But of course not adult as in vulgar stuff. I mean books that are aimed for adults. Maybe for other teenagers who do not read and like those stuff, they just prefer teen books.

I think I'm going to open up some website now. But I'm not really sure =__=;
My whole body is so stiff, and I do not know why =3=
Maybe I'll go to sleep, or even study =3=

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