Whee: Monday, April 6, 2009

Whee XD

haha, AT LAST! FMA ish back! *goes crazy X3
Yesh, I'm so happy~
I'm downloading it right now, and just cannot wait to watch it!
Lol, yesterday I went crazy. I never ever wanted to go to someplace, and suddenly I just want to! X3 so I asked my mom and my aunt and cousins out.
And there, came my paradise! I went to a mall, and of course honey, I visited the bookstore :). Ah, I'm so happy >///<
I bought ALL yesh, ALL of the Fullmetal Alchemist from one until 18, the latest volume. It's not finished yet, but I've decided I want to collect all of it!
Too bad though, there was no volume 11 and 12 TTATT

But I just love Edward, haha XD He's so charming for me :D and for some reasons =3= I do not like Al, dunno. I just like the bad-ass and crazy type? rofl
Well, the bad-ass type is just more amusing and entertaining for me :)
I love the bad guys >///< especially if he's handsome. lol
oh well, bad guys ALWAYS is handsome XD lol

Well today I did not go to school! Yesh! Well, I actually went there, but I did not study at all. Why you ask? Well, because my religion, yesh the one and only my religion was having a religious trip to Maria's Cave. lol
I'm Christian if you want to know XD Yesh, so only my religion has special right today to not follow the studies. lol. I do not mean to be racist or so. But I'm right, right? lol. =3= I'm just so happy we did not have to follow those boring lessons X3
The weather there was super hot =__=; It felt like dying out there. And I was so hungry =3= I did not have any breakfast, so yeah =__=; We prayed, and visited our late bishops grave. It was quite fun, for me.
And I just went home and now I'm downloading! XD
Oh, and I'm listening to Yui's latest song, Again. It's the opening song for the new FMA XD Oh, it's so nice and cool X3 It's so fast 0.o

Anw, I think I'm going to download Pandora Hearts anime.

The manga is quite nice, and I just love the mischievous main character <3~ yesh, mischievous.
Haha XD, see? I always always fall for those type of character <3

Well I'm tired now =3= I'm going to watch those animes and mangas! XD

oh btw, I wanted to try this for a long time :D


1. Two argument topics that would REALLY get you going.
- animes
- mangas
-er can I add one more? XD

2. Two songs you've listened to a lot lately.
- Ai no Oto ~English version~ by Moumon *ish the spelling right? I forgot DX
- Again by Yui

3. Two things you usually get complimented on.
- err wild imagination? lols
- tsunnes =3= yesh, aptx gangs XD always say I'm tsundere =__=;

4. Two things you want pierced on you.
- no!
- no! I hate piercings on my body =3= even on my ears. Ugh. That's just hurts >//< But I would love to see handsome guys wear piercings XD They look even hotter! XD

5. Two tattoos you want.
- gothic curly?
- maybe butterfly too :) gothic one too, of course. Vintage is fine though.

6. Two animals you like.
- Siberian Husky! *OMG THEY'RE SO COOL!*
- err, siberian husky? lol

7. Two occupations you consider for your future.
- graphic designs?
- public relations? I dunno yet =__=;

8. Two things most people don't know about you.
- I'm err, people already know all about me, I think =3= maybe laziness?
- err okay. I admit it =-= I'm mischievous *I think they already know that, though*

9. Two of your exes.
- i dont have exes

10. Two ugly names.
- assholes
- bitches

11. Two foods you like to eat.
- fried chicken <3
- french fries extra large! XD

12. Two stores you buy stuff from the most.
- gramedia
- gramedia

13. Two numbers you like.
- 3
- 9

14. Two of your favorite school subjects.
- recess
- english

15. Two things you hate.
- liars
- back stabbers

16. Two people you love.
- family
- friends

17. Two people who should run for president.
- obama? =_= nah, he's already a president.
- me! rofl

18. Two things you do a lot.
- netting
- reading

19. Two things you do in the shower.
- wash my body
- wash my hair

20. Two places you go a lot.
- my room
- my room XP

21. Two hairstyles you want to try.
- anything =__= I just want a new hairstyle that suits me the most =3=
- =_=

22. Two things you want to buy but don't have enough money for.
- vaio laptop
- sony cybershot

23. Two Green Day songs you like.
- what's green day? =__=;

24. Two colors you usually paint your nails.
- I dont paint my nails
- =3=

25. Two languages you want to learn.
- nihongo
- french

26. Two instruments you'd like to learn to play.
- piano

27. Two dream cars.
- BMW?
- Mercedes =_= I'm blind with cars

28. Two boy's names you like.
- him *I don't want to write the name here because I just don't want to spread his name all over the internet* But you should now though, he's on my first list in my friends links.*
- him

29. Two girl's names you like.
- Airii
- Haruka
- Ruuna
- Najika
- Biancchi
*I can't choose any of them. So,all of them are all my number one list :)*

30. Two ethnicities of yours.
- Chinese
- betawinese

31. Two of your favorite teachers.
- MJS *i will put in initials only*
- AM

32. Two best friends from elementary school.
- Edith
- Joshua

33. Initials of two people you hate.
- I don't have any

34. Two words to describe you.
- lazy ass
- moody

35. Two colors you want to dye your hair one day.
- light brown
- same as above =3=

36. Two of your favorite seasons.
- SUMMER! lol XD It's in my name!
- winter XD I would love to see snow just once

37. Two hairstyles you usually wear your hair in.
- untied
- letting it free?

38. Two nouns that begin with the same letter as your first name.
- Rain
- Roar

39. Two electives you've taken.
- huh?

40. Two people you go to for advice.
- friends, any of them, but mostly Airii I think :D

41. Two names you'd name your band if you had one.
- no idea =3= I sucks at giving names.

42. Two colors you'd like for your wedding dress.
- elegant white :)
- peach

43. Two types of shoes you like.
- sneakers
- sneakers

44. Two trends you can't stand.
- idk =__=;

45. Two of your favorite drinks.
- plain water
- coca cola

46. Two things people do that annoy you.
- plagiarism
- liars

47. Two things you look for in a significant other.
- idk... maybe they're true self...

48. Two things that aren't legal, but you think should be.
- idk

49. Two fonts you like.
- mechanial pencil
- arial

50. Two good memories from middle school.
- my classmates!
- my third year! XD

1. Najika
2. Dila
3. Haruka
4. Airii
5. Biancchi

So here's the rule: people whom I tagged HAVE to post this questions and answer them in your blog. And you HAVE to tag ANOTHER person!


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