Quick Update: Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well I've been really busy this past months. I mean, really. All of those final exams.
Argh, it almost made me crazy =3=


enough about that final exam's fucking nonsense.

Anw, it's official now♥
I'm in love with South Korea♥ X3

lol. I think I'm officially a maniac now, lol. XD

Well another 'official' thing is, I'm in love with big bang♥
and now, I managed to search all around the net for big bang albums at almost midnight and tomorrow is another exam day.
So err... yeah, I studied just a little bit, then I pushed it aside. *curse those fucking exams* and went on to search for big bang♥
my favorite? of course T.O.P
he's like OHMAIGAWD. SO HOT. Damn. I may go crazy all over him XD
I mean, yeah big bang is really cool. But T.O.P is so DAMN cool X3

And that proves it. My friend, Dewinta. Well, she's not the type who would be interested in any of those artist guys or even comic guys. And do you know what's amazing? SHE FELL IN LOVE.
YES. She fell in love with T.O.P
Can you guess how many charm does T.O.P has?

I want to hug T.O.P oppa! =3=

nyah. I think that's enough for now. It's 10 to midnight. And if my mother wakes up, she's going to kill me =3=


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