Nakayoshi's New Series: Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hey guys, you know I don't really like the series in Nakayoshi nowadays because it's too childish for me =_=
But you know what's great? NEW SERIES. And of course great one too.
So tadaaah~

Watashi ni xx Shinasai!

Author: TOOYAMA Ema
Length: 0 Volumes (Ongoing)
Scanlator: Nagareboshi

In class, she’s a sort of zoned-out girl, and he’s the year one class’ most perfect, good-looking guy.
But the two of them have a secret, and their extraordinary “love experience” will start now!

Download Links
Chapter 1 by Nagareboshi
Chapter 2 by Nagareboshi
Chapter 3 RAW by Xiao

Remember to give appreciation for Nagareboshi for their translations.
And give thank you for Xiao, she scanned chapter 3 first! Give her thanks for her hardwork!


Author: ANDOU Natsumi
Length: 0 Volumes (Ongoing)
Scanlator: Nagareboshi

Tsubasa and Arisa are twin sisters who haven't seen each other for three years due to their parents' divorce. They'd communicated through letters, but finally decide to meet each other again.
Arisa, the more gentle of the twins, suggests that Tsubasa take her place at school for a day, just for fun.
However, there are things about Arisa and her school that she hasn't mentioned to Tsubasa--dangerous things.

Download Links
Chapter 1 by Nagareboshi
Chapter 2 by Nagareboshi
Chapter 3 by Nagareboshi
Chapter 4 by Nagareboshi
Chapter 5 by Nagareboshi
Chapter 6 by Nagareboshi
Chapter 7 RAW by Xiao

For Chapter 7 RAW is uploaded and scanned by Xiao.

PS: I DID NOT upload myself nor I translated and scanned any of these mangas.

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