Re-start, Re-fresh... whatever it is: Friday, August 28, 2009

As the title said, restart.
Restarting LMM actually. Le Monde Mystique is my site where it has a RolePlay Forum.

Anyway the account got suspender by 000webhost because I did a mass PM. I admit it was my fault I did not read the TOS. But anyway the TOS states that NO MASS EMAIL. And so I thought mass PM was ok. Turns out to be NO.

And I didn't even have the chance to backup it *sighs
I talked with the other members and asked them of their opinion, and THANK GOD they want to start fresh! XD
I would give you all of my love♥♥♥


Anyway, that made me irritated so I decided to just BUY a website instead of getting those free junks or whatsoever.

We decided LMM to be totally ENGLISH, yesh and not Indonesian language anymore.
And I said to them that I did not want the 'uh-not-so-serious' thingy because this time it's a paid website.
Paid means money and money means it's not easy to get. I want them to be really serious, and if more, work on another project under the name of LMM.
I mean I don't want to waste my money for just crap things♥.

And I decided to put some ads in the main website, not in the forum of course just to earn some money, and maybe I'll ask my mom to make me a bank account♥.

So anyway, we decided to make a translator group from English->Indonesian. And for a start we start translating Kuroshitsuji first. I have asked Bleach Asylum for their permission using their scanlation, and wish me luck please♥ I hope they say YES.

I tried one page only just to see where is my ability and am I able to do it.

I don't know I just seem to want to make CHANGES lately. I mean I want to be more SERIOUS.
It's like I got a slap on my face to do things better. Maybe for studies not yet, lol. But for other things, YESH.

I want to improve my drawing *that's for sure*, I want to earn money *stupid me, lol*, I want to learn web scripting *It's hard but I want to*, I want to make LMM bigger *this is for sure too*, etcetcetc.

I want to improve while I still can. And I will start from today on. Today and till my death comes♥

Wish me luck guys♥
Oh and I put in a new chatbox♥ nevermind, cbox is CRAP they wont load and refresh. Oh well, back to shoutmix I guess...

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