At Last!: Sunday, October 4, 2009

YEAH! At last my mood for watching anime IS BACK!003 Gosh, I've been like 2 months haven't watched any animes120

I don't know, I was just really not into the mood of watching animes003a And there was like totally 60 episodes in my hard drive, which increases each week and can you imagine that?122

I've finished watching East of Eden. And hell it is one a hell of epic anime025 I just can't wait for the movies' premiere because you know, the ending was kinda hanging124

Anw, I'm downloading the rest of Hanasakeru Seishounen's episodes, and 07 Ghost, and Canaan, and FMA Brotherhood, and Umineku no Naku Koro ni...122 I think I will die of too much dose of watching today019a

First thing first I think I'm in the mood for action so maybe I'll finish up watching FMA Brotherhood till the latest episode, or even Tears to Tiara, or even 07 Ghost... Gosh they just keep piling up104

Need to go now if I want to finish all of this today, because you know there's like religious activity in my house today at 7. So I won't be able to watch that around that time.

I'm one hundred percent sure I'll overdose007a

Bye... for now

PS: I'm hungry004a

PPS: I think I'll upload some screencaps later.


credits: 1 2 copyright © a little memory
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