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I'm making a new story now on Wattpad, my old story... I just lost interest of it. My ideas are just completely blank.

And you know, I always have weird dreams
animation14 Weird as really freaky, and sometimes superb!confused Once I dreamed as a man. Yes, a man. Can you imagine that?

What's more strange was I was married! Yesh, married to a woman and we even had a kid
kissy And there was another dream where I was killed by a mummy. No, I did not watch the Mummy movie the day before nor in that week.

Those dreams just kinda pop into my head like that! It was a hell lot of fun you know? Even though I admit it was kinda weird too

Anw, back to stories. I had a dream today. And I was a vampire! And again, NO I did not read Twilight the day before or read or even watch anything connecting with vampires.
What's weird though, I was like a 'new vampire' kid who got into a castle and there was a very handsome young guy. I did not know how handsome he was because it was all really blurry and all I could remember was one fact: he was terribly handsome.

And I wasn't the only one 'new vampire kid' in the castle. There were lots of kids, and there was this blond girl besides me. She was kind of quite nice to me, I think.

Then all of a sudden I called this young handsome guy "Dad."
Weird huh? I mean HE WAS IN THE SAME AGE AS ME!blank I was seventeen in my dream, btw.

I don't know why but in that dream I just knew that he was not my real 'Dad'. He tested us each one, which I was lazy to explain because it's really weird and... never mind.
It's just after that he said harsh things to me. Well, not exactly harsh, but he was really strict. And I kinda rebelled him! Then he said a really cold sentence towards me which I totally forgot when I woke up!mad

Anw, back to the dream, I kinda stressed out. Because I just found out I was a vampire and now I have a Dad in the same age as me? WTF? Well he maybe IS older than me, but technically he's seventeen also, right?
022 So I just ran away, and ran through the corridor, I made some excuse I wasn't feeling well and wanted to go to the bathroom, but instead I just ran away.

I ran through long dark halls, with red carpet. You know, those settings in an old castle... And what's awesome was I ran REALLY fast! Like those vampires lightning speed when they run003 What's more cool was I climbed down the castle walls, like spiderman! Well, not really like spiderman, but kinda like those mountain hikers when they go down a cliff, but without a rope!

Theeen, no one wasn't really noticing me away. And I was really glad not to be found out. Just when I found a hole, a big draining hole to the sewer, a vampire girl screamed "SHE RAN AWAY!" Great. *note sarcasm*

Adrenaline rush.

I totally panicked and jumped to the 3 feet tall wall besides me and ran over the street. It was exhilarating jumping that high!
004Like riding roller coasters. I ran really fast, and in a blink I was in a different setting of a neighborhood, and I just knew that it was my home. Before I was a vampire.

Then this guy came, which I knew I loved him.

A crush on him to be exact, and he showed two pointy canines.

Then I just woke up.

Sadly, it kinda ends just theresad I think I'm going to write this story in months you know, possibly because I am really going to finish this story.

I kinda have the ending in my head.
I just wrote this here because I forget things easily. So this is just in case I forget what story it is. I still don't know the girls' name, and the boys too! Yes, BOYS! Those two handsome vampire boyslove But at least for the girl, I already have her image in my mind. I mean, I cannot look at my own face in my dream, nor I can remember what I looked like. So I was searching for pictures in the internet just for to be the main character. I just want to be really serious in this story.

Here's the girl, beautiful eh?011

No ripping or using this story ok?
If you do, I'll know, and I'll rip you apart.


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I'll recommend some great authors over there! Gosh, they're just so talented



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