Pheeew: Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm really tired nowphew I've just finished doing the two math tests. They were... quite hard and there were about 2 or three questions I couldn't answeremotbored

And I haven't studied Chem yet eithercry1
*sighs* I guess I'll have to study tomorrow early in the morning, I don't know if I will be able to wake up, thoughemotno

It's 1 am in the morning now, I need to sleep because my doctor doesn't allow me to go to sleep. It's because I sleep late, that my allergies have gotten worseweird

I hate allergies too, they're just... annoyingemotdead

Btw, do you see this new smilies?emothappy They're sooo cute toolove1 I totally digs them. Oh well I'll credits these smileys tomorrow if I remember towink1

As I've said in my post before, I'm completely addicted to cuteness, kawainess or whatever it is. So I saved A LOT of pixelarts, and emoticons. Tons of them to be exactkissy


Gosh, I think I'm going a little bit crazy here, LOL Anyways, what was pain in the ass was that I had to save the manually. YES. That means I HAVE TO DRAG THEM WITH MY MOUSE each time!stunned... And there were like 2000 tiny images? emotangry

I died.

...Totally, and I think my mouse is broken too

I guess I really need to sleep now. Ta taah

Ooh, ooh almost forgot! I changed my banner! Please change them in your website toobeadyeyed


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