YEAH!: Friday, October 2, 2009

It turned out to be piece of cake003 The chem quiz, I mean! It was only like a practice and we can even see the bookyes
Ohmigosh what did all of those stressed thing for
A little bit disappointed, but oh well.

Anyway, I felt bad feeling happy like this while there's like hundreds of people dying and trapped under the buildings that collapsed on West Sumatra's earthquake.
It has been two days, and oh God. When I looked at those victims, I felt really bad for themsad

I think I'll ask my mom to donate for them. Well that's because I also have a family over there. Kinda like my aunt. I don't really know them well because my family is SO BIG

Anw, I'm re-reading The Bride of Water God manhwa now, it's a really nice Korean manhwa. I mean it! The drawing is totally unspeakable. Epic. I was stunned when I saw the drawings a year ago

I haven't read it like in a 3 months or so, and now it's been until very far. And I totally forgot what chapter was I into
blank So I decided I would like to re-read it! Hey, re-reading an epic manhwa is undeniable right?003 Oh and Rara, my friend, my best friend now I think, LOL decided we would like to go to Kuta tomorrow!

It's a part in Bali which is
really famous for it's tourism spot and it's beach. But we won't mind the tourism or the beach! What we aim for is the SHOPS! YEAH! We'll SHOP TILL WE DROP TOMORROW!005

Well it's just a plan though, which is I also hope truly would come true
blush Anw, I'm really hungry now so I guess I'll have to go to eat~ and continuing reading the manhwa.

Adieu 010


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