It's been a long time.: Sunday, April 25, 2010

I know, I know. It's liek, what? Half a year? Been really busy, and didn't have the mood to 'blog'.

Hey, I'm moody. What else can I do? Sorry, no emots. I changed my laptop, and had to reinstall everything fresh.

So maybe the next entry?

Anw, I've moved. To another country, another world. Well, technically it's not another world, but it's still is.

I don't know if I've changed. But I felt like I do. And I hate the change. I hate everything here.

I mean, I miss my hometown. It's not like I'm homesick or anything liek that. It's beause I MISS the LIFESTYLE. I was such a laid back kid right there. Yeah, kiddo, I really was.

And here? You procrastinate, you die.

Oh and have I mentioned to you that grade sucks? I just really really hate it when it comes to grades. I mean, what's the point of evaluating people?

And the activities here are so hectic. Sure, they're quite fine. No offense, I prefer staying in my room, kiddo.

I miss my friend. I miss my old habit.
Oh and I haven't watched any animes lately. Will do. Someday. Afraid that I might have to give it up. Just give it up.

How I just cannot imagine it. I felt liek I'm dying. All of my own self consciousness and my real self all being taken away. By this stupid school. By this stupid new world.

And I'm going to change this stupid pinkish layout. This is so stupid. Cutey thingy. blargh.
Yesh, I have altered to the world of darkness, world of emo. Shut up and don't complain. What can you expect having a shitty life?

Face it, life sucks.

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