Well...: Monday, March 9, 2009

Well, for the last two days I took examination for scholarship in Singapore.
I didn't think that I would pass the examination. But they told me that my math was poor. Very poor to be exact.

Oh well, at least I got accepted :))

Then they started to tell me on and on about the SCGS (Singapore Chinese Girls School)
Well, when I heard about it I was not very sure to accept it. I mean, I'm not the type to be very active or so, I'm just a type where I am SUPER LAZY, lol.
And with those disciplines, obligations, etc. I HAVE to be SUPER SERIOUS.
I admit it, that besides English, I was never serious in any studies at all. I seem just cannot be serious into it.

Well, I can't reject it now...
I admit that I feel a little regretful. Well, I'm just so-so-so afraid now. Thinking I will be far away from home and families. And I'll be all alone in an unknown country for me. Completely unknown.

I have to study really-really hard. And I don't even know if I could be online often. I need to fit myself up. I need to be independent. I need to be SERIOUS and just look ahead.

I just hope I can make it...
I don't want to be separated with my friends :(( MY BEST FRIENDS :((
Dewinta, Amy, Dina, Riri, Byantari :((

Well, just wish me luck guys. Wish me luck that I could manage it and could prepare myself really well before going to Singapore :(.

Thankfully, there will be Nurinda and Rara too ;)
I just hope MY ROOMATE IS one of them :((.

I'm so stressed out right now.
There are some parts of me that don't want to go.
But there are some parts of me that want to go.

But it's too late now.
What has been is done.

And there's no going back.

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